Friday, 21 October 2016

What do you know about social websites?

Nowadays most of the people have something related to technology but most of them they use it in social websites like: instagram, snapchat, facebook, whatsapp, tuenti... But do we know all the information that is necessary to use them? Do we know how to maintain our profile private? We think that we know but it's not true. We know nothing. The social websites help us in a couple of things, so it has advantages but also  disadvantages. 

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Using the social webs we can share photos, documents, images... with the people that we want, making it easier to communicate. They also help us to entertain when we are bored and to find or get information knowing like this the news without buying the newspaper. Besides, the social websites help us to meet different people, making like this new friends.

We have to take into account that the friends of the websites are not the same as the traditional friends. We can think that they are but they aren't. When you make a friend in social websites you don't have the same confidence and you can't tell them anything as you do when you have a traditional friend.

Once you have internet you are more concentrated on so you spend more time using the websites than speaking with your family or reading and you get used to writing badly making mistakes. Also, if you don't pay attention to security settings or if the website is not secure anyone can see and read all the information that they want. Sometimes, people make false profiles of people invading their privacy. But the most important disadvantage is cyberbullying.

But do you know what's the meaning of cyberbullying? I think that I know what you are thinking know. But if I am certain you don't now all the necessary information about it. So, what is cyberbullying?

CYBERBULLYING is the use of the telematic means (Internet, mobile phone, video games... online principally) to exercise the psychological harassment between equals. How do we know if we are before a case of cyberbullyng? We are before a case of cyberbullying when one or one minor torments, threatens, scourges, humiliates or are a nuisance to a different one by means of Internet, mobile phones, consoles of games or other telematic technologies.

As you can see, not all the things are good.
I hope you will think about it.


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